Energy efficiency on your farm in 2018

Dairy Farm Electricity
Dairy Farm Electricity in 2018
Energy Supplier banned from accepting new customers

For most British farmers, Energy Efficiency is a serious topic in 2018

With Brexit negotiations now past the initial phase, it is seen as more important than ever that the government recognises the work of British farmers in providing food, maintaining Britain’s farmed landscape and contributing billions to the economy.

Despite the unpredictability, the future for UK farming industry is one of confidence. With the growing concern of energy and environmental issues, it’s now more important than ever for UK farmers to start reducing their electricity spend.

In line with the demand to start reducing electricity spend and consumption, we’re offering a free renewable energy review and advice line to help our farmers to discuss the energy saving options. From renewable energy to cheaper electricity to LED lighting, we’re offering a comprehensive review of how you can start saving money on your farm electricity.

For more information about our energy efficiency services for your farm, contact us on 01943 609213 or email us

Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven
Rhys is Managing Director of Switched On Rural and Switched On Energy. His professional work involves the management of energy and other services for both commercial and rural clients. Rhys's role in running Switched On, takes him across the Country from his Yorkshire home.

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