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The first year at Dairy Tech for the firm was a massive success. With an expected 6,000 visitors including suppliers, distributors, farmers, and workers all with an interest in dairy, it was great to be present at such a leading event in the dairy interest.

Farm electricity costs have increased considerably in the past year, in some cases farmers are to expect a 15% rise this year alone. In the energy-intensive industry, dairy farmers are relying on new ways to not only reduce their energy consumption but also to buy their energy demand more proactively.

At Dairy Tech, the firm released it’s new company branding to illustrate simplicity and transparency.

Rhys Boven, Managing Director of Switched On Rural, said: “Dairy Tech was a roaring success for us. The show highlighted how innovative dairy farmers are and how technology has developed to improve efficiencies and productivity. It was important for us to have a presence at the show as electricity costs continue to rise, putting further pressure on UK dairy farmers.

At the show, we were able to highlight how Brexit would affect the electricity market and what farmers needed to expect in the coming years. With so many industry changes, it’s vital that farmers understand what is happening so they can react accordingly and use a company such as ourselves who can navigate the market for them.

From all the team at Switched On, we’d like to thank all our current clients and of course the new, who came to see us. It’s always great to see such a large number of clients in one place.”

Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven
Rhys is Managing Director of Switched On Rural and Switched On Energy. His professional work involves the management of energy and other services for both commercial and rural clients. Rhys's role in running Switched On, takes him across the Country from his Yorkshire home.

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