When it comes to farm electricity, there isn’t anyone with more experience or knowledge than us.

Dealing with over 1,200 farms across the UK, we’re confident that we can reduce your farm electricity costs and save you time and hassle.

Using our extensive knowledge and buying power, we guarantee to beat any like-for-like electricity quotation. Whether you have a seasonal grain dryer using 50 kWhs or a dairy parlour using 160,000 kWhs, we can help.

As we are completely independent from the energy suppliers, we can impartially advise who presents the best deal and why. Our substantial buying power and positive working relationships with the energy suppliers means that we always obtain the most favourable prices based on the current market.

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Save money

Not sure if you’re paying too much? Every year we’ll be proactive in searching the market for the cheapest electricity prices.

Save time

Have a question or query? Leave it us and we’ll do the leg work, giving you the time to run your farm or estate.

Less paper work

Getting drowned by bills? We’ll handle all the paperwork for you, letting you know what you need to do and when.

Peace of mind

Working with us means you’ll ever have to worry about managing your utilities again. We’re your outsourced farm electricity specialists.

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Customer Reviews
  • Thomas Elmwood
    Switched On Rural
    The knowledge and expertise of Michael and Rhys at Switched On is second to none. I’ve recommended them over a dozen times to friends and every time they impress. They handle all the paperwork and negotiations for our multiple meters on the farm, without me having to worry about a thing.
    Proprietor, Estate
  • D. Edwards
    Switched On Rural
    For the past 10 years, Switched On have sorted the electricity contracts for our farms. In all that time, we’ve never had a problem and the service has always been very simple and beneficial. I would recommend them to any farm looking to reduce costs.
    Farm Manager, Potato Farmer
  • Jonathan Hodgson
    Switched On Rural
    Always a pleasure dealing with Rhys and Michael at Switched On. Every year they do all the negotiating and switching for me so I can concentrate on my business. Our account manager, Sophie, even manages all the bills for me every month. Collectively they have saved me over £10,000 and hours of time and hassle. I’d recommend any business owner to speak to Rhys and Michael.
    Director, Pig Farmer
  • Katherine Preston
    Switched On Rural
    I was introduced to Switched On Rural by our land agent, so I knew their service was good. However, until you use them, you don’t realise how different they are to other energy companies.  By buying our energy at the right time when the market dropped, we reduced our electricity bill by 6%. On a 3 year deal, this will save me approx. £31,000! Fantastic service from a friendly and efficient team, would recommend to anyone.
    Partner, Dairy Farmer
  • Heather Whitworth
    Switched On Rural
    It’s not a surprise to me that Switched On now look after 1,200 farms. The service is always efficient, professional and time saving. Every year they are on hand to search the market and recommend a cheaper alternative to our current plan. They make dealing with these electricity companies simple! No hesitation in recommending them to any farm.
    Partner, Dairy Farmer
  • Hannah Woods
    Switched On Rural
    First year using Switched On Rural and I’m thoroughly impressed. From a 10 minute telephone conversation to Rhys, he’d managed to save me £1700 on our electricity bills. The whole process was very quick and easy, without me having to get involved at all. Couldn’t be happier with the service and I’ll definitely be recommending Switched On to other farmers.
    Farm Secretary, Pig Farmer
  • David Miller
    Switched On Rural
    When we got our renewal offer from British Gas, we spoke to Switched On to see what they’d recommend. After a few chats with Michael, I was shocked to see that they’d managed to save me over £700 on my current rates and £1,200 on our renewal. Choosing Switched On was a great decision which has benefited us considerably. I would recommend the services to any farm wanting to reduce their overheads.
    Partner, Dairy Farmer
  • S. Samuels
    Switched On Rural
    Very impressed with the services provided by Switched On. After receiving a very high energy renewal offer from our current supplier, I was recommended to Switched On by my accountant. Since speaking to Rhys, we’ve reduced our electricity and gas bills on our estate by £7000 and now with the addition of our biomass boiler, our energy bill has reduced 45%. I would recommend Switched On Rural to any business wanting to reduce their energy bills.
    Owner, Estate
  • James Sherwood
    Switched On Rural
    I was recommended to Switched On by my neighbour 4 years ago and since then we have used their services with no hesitation. They make dealing with our electricity and telephone arrangements simple and hassle-free. When I compare the prices to others, even co-operatives, they are cheaper and the service is better. Many thanks for all your work so far.
    Partner, Poultry
  • N. Lister
    Switched On Rural
    More than happy to recommend Switched On. We’ve use their services for our electricity and telephones for 7 years now and they haven’t put a foot wrong. Every year they are very proactive and remind me what I need to do to make sure I’m paying as little as possible. If I have a question or problem, I know that one call to Switched On and it’ll be sorted. What else could I ask for?
    Owner, Potato Farmer

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